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SMBIsoft is dedicated to writing software with one purpose: to make life easier.We want to make the world or computers simpler for you; from organizing your files, to programming and robotics. SMBIsoft offers many ways to get a lot done with very little effort.

Code Wiki Online Form Editor (WYSIWYG)
Code Wiki Highlighting code editor

Have you ever been working on a programing project wile collaborating with multiple people.
It can be hard to track and manage code with multiple versions from multiple sources.
That's what the Code Wiki is for.
It allows multiple people to edit the same code project at the same time and for the server to build packages with all the resources that program requiters to run.

Want to make programs like the pros? try "Visual SMBI"!

Want to program robotics? Try our SMIBot plugin for Visual SMBI which includes a robot simulator! (coming soon)

So many things to do, and so much more time to do them with SMBIsoft!
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